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CaddyKing is available in IOS, Android and Web versions. To download our app, simply search "caddyking" (one word) in your app store.  We are proud to announce that we are working with multiple courses featured on the Top 100 U.S. golf course list! Additionally, we are excited about our expansion across the U.S. as we have signed up courses in DE, IN, MI, MN, NY, SC and TX! 

 Customer Feedback:

"Through using the CaddyKing system, our staff has streamlined the caddy scheduling process and simplified communication. As a result, we've been able to more efficiently manage our caddy program, enabling our members to receive a higher quality of service. We look forward to working with CaddyKing for years to come and I recommend their system for any course looking to more efficiently manage their caddy program!"

-Tony Pancake, Director of Golf & Club Operations, Crooked Stick Golf Club

"Booking caddies through CaddyKing is the most efficient way to manage a centralized group of local caddies to service our needs. The app simplifies booking day to day caddies and also allows us to book 30+ caddies in a short amount of time for the big events we run every year. With CaddyKing, communication between my staff and our caddies is clear and easy, confirmation is quick and that consistency helps us prepare for tournaments. Ultimately, the app has elevated our caddy experience!"

-Greg Garner, PGA Head Professional, The University of Texas Golf Club

“Our team has thoroughly enjoyed using the CaddyKing app.  It is extremely convenient and efficient for our staff and caddies to use.  I highly recommend this to any course that maintains a traditional or “virtual” caddie yard.”

-Anthony Malizia, PGA Head Golf Professional, Bidermann Golf Course

“CaddyKing is the perfect solution for our club to provide our members with a best in class caddy program. Our members have enjoyed receiving a higher quality of service. Our caddies love the system because it minimizes their wasted time and it maximizes their profitability. Our staff loves the system because it simplifies the difficult challenge of communicating with and assigning caddies. It’s a win, win, win!”

 – Brett Heisler, PGA Head Golf Professional, Olympic Hills Golf Club

Our Mission


What We Do

CaddyKing is a mobile and web application that is designed to enhance caddy management and scheduling for courses with existing caddy programs. We pride ourselves in being the go-to tool for any course with an existing caddy program. We have tailored our application to fit both courses with and without tee times. Our work with several top 100 U.S. golf courses speaks volumes to the quality of our product and has enabled us to develop an industry expertise.

Why CaddyKing

Our goal is to help grow the game by providing each of our courses with the tool to develop a best in class caddy program. CaddyKing will enhance your existing caddy program by driving efficiency for all parties involved. As a result, your golfers will receive an experience second to none. 

Caddy Benefits: 

Our mission is to simplify the caddy scheduling process for all caddies. We fully understand the frustrations and struggles that exist as a result of the outdated processes at many courses across the country. Through minimizing wasted time in the caddy yard, courses will promote an environment that allows caddies to provide a higher quality of service for golfers. 

Course Benefits:

Our mission is to enable each course to develop an organized, efficient caddy scheduling system that leads to the highest quality of service for its golfers. Through our application, each course will have an organized central dashboard that provides full visibility into how many and which specific caddies are available on any given day. Each course can reserve caddies on behalf of golfers for a specific tee time or simply bulk reserve as many caddies as necessary for upcoming outings. Furthermore, if your course does not use tee times, you can more efficiently coordinate “walk up” caddies to ensure optimal coverage. Next, this organized scheduling system is coupled with a simple messaging system, enabling each course to contact any caddy in seconds. Lastly, our system will enhance our client courses legal protection in regards to potential labor law violations and insurance liability.  


Golfer Benefits:

Note: Golfers do not need to download the application. This is just an option for each course.

Our application provides golfers with unique information as golfers will have full visibility into how many and which specific caddies are available. We understand that the caddy-golfer relationship is a crucial part of the golf experience. As a result, our application helps each course ensure that every golfer receives a caddy that best fits their profile. Lastly, golfers can conveniently submit ratings and feedback through their application. This simplified rating system holds caddies accountable while enabling each course to evaluate and improve their caddy program.

Share The News

Tell your Director of Golf about the CaddyKing application as soon as possible. We can have your course up and running on our application in just a few days! 

Course Sign Up Steps:

  1. Reach out to CaddyKing via email or phone and request a course profile
  2. Tell your caddies to download the application
  3. Approve all your caddies, enabling them to set their availability 

Once these simple steps are completed, you're ready to start streamlining your process!


Q: Will caddy-golfer transactions now occur via credit/debit card?

A: No, all transactions will continue to occur just as they do at your course today.

Q: Who can reserve caddies? Is it golfers, the starter/caddy master or both?

A: We have the flexibility to enable each course to choose the reservation functionality that best fits their profile. 

Q: How will we make sure random caddies are not seen as available at our course?

A: Each course will approve all caddies as each course maintains control over which independent contractors can provide services at their course. 

Q: What if we don't use tee times and we are unsure of the golfer demand on any given day? How will this help us?

A: Actually, our system is perfect for "walk-up" style courses. Your staff can now make sure you have adequate coverage on any given day as they will be able to more efficiently schedule your caddies for certain time slots given your staff will have full visibility into all caddy availability. Also, when somebody calls days in advance to notify the course they will need a caddy, your staff can select a caddy that best fits the golfers profile.

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